Welcome. I am in the process of updating my site.  Google wants all sites to be readable on a phone, or the site will not show up favorable in search results.  It is a difficulty because my multi-language setup caused problems switching.  I am simplifying, but there will be some artifacts of other languages on… Read More Renewing


Fake emails

I have received returned emails that have not been sent by me.  I do not have outgoing capabilities on those email addresses, so it couldn’t have been sent, even if I was hacked.  Basically, it is spoofed email. The sender pretends to send from one email address, when it is actually sent from a totally… Read More Fake emails


Multi-language linked Bibles

For all my e-reader Bibles go to my Bibles for e-readers page. I have already created Parallel Bibles with one language below the other.  What more would you need?  Parallel Bibles only works well with two versions. Also though nice to have both languages visible, sometimes it is distracting and preferable to have only one… Read More Multi-language linked Bibles


Awakened to sin

In trembling hands, the fruit rolled off his fingers and dropped to the ground. The fruit had an overpowering taste that was different than anything he had eaten before. And yet, no sooner had he tasted the sweet juices of the fruit than he was filled with a bitterness that reached deep into his soul.… Read More Awakened to sin