Free Bibles formatted for e-readers

This is a compilation of all my Bibles formatted for Kindle, Nook, and other e-readers here. There are 30 different files here. Besides choosing language and file format there are three variants.

  • Single version Bible- is only one version of the Bible or the New Testament
  • Parallel Bible-Two languages with one version immediately below each verse. This is good for learning a language.
  • Linked Bibles-Two or more languages with a link at the begin of each verse to jump to that verse in anyone of the other languages. This is good for reference or when working in more than two languages. This was necessary because switching between Bibles on the Kindle is tedious.

Why all the types and versions? Because I use them. Each has its place. They are all good ministery and language learning tools. I have grouped them by language.





A word on navigation.

All Bibles have a TOC (Table of Contents) both system and in line. I have developed the navigation for myself, and I can get around the Bible fairly fast. I thought about a two or three letter navigation for jumping to verses, but never could see a system for consistent abbreviations. At least on the Kindle, each book of the Bible is marked so the right key on the five way will take you to the next book. The left will take you to the beginning of the current book and another click will take you to the previous. If the book is not far from where you are than a few clicks either right or left will get you to the beginning of the book where there is a chapter index. If the book it is best to use the TOC. The best way I have found to get to the TOC from anywhere is on the five-way key push left, down,down, and enter (without waiting on the kindle to refresh). This is taking you to the link to the TOC at the beginning of each book. There is also a link to the TOC at the beginning of each chapter as well as a link to the chapter index of the current book. Over all I am satisfied with navigation and hope it is helpful to you.

Let me know of any errors (Verse order out of sync, broken links, or what ever) I also do not use the ePub format so let me know how that is going.

UPDATE Important: The Epub version of KVJ has been updated due to a problem in TOC or the way some devices handle it.  It has been fixed.  Other versions have not yet.  Let me know if there is a problem and you need it fixed.

Kindle Fire and android devices using the kindle app:

It is not enough to just download the file.  It must be placed in the appropriate file for the kindle app.  This could be done either through your computer or using a file manager on the android device.  The files with a mobi extension should be placed in your kindle app data folder to be accessible by your kindle app.  On my device it is in a folder on the internal storage. The folder will be something like

Also you can comment any suggestions below.

36 thoughts on “Free Bibles formatted for e-readers

  1. Believing Thomas,

    God bless your soul! I have been searching forever to find a good KJV bible with Chapter and Book TOC for her PDN eReader and you have done it!

    May God continue to bless your ministry.


    1. Connect the kindle to the computer with the supplied USB. The computer should recognize it as removable media. In my computer you should see the kindle as a drive. Open the drive and place Bible mobi file into the document folder on the Kindle. Somethings are easier to do than explain. Thomas

  2. Thank you.
    Great job; easy to find KJV verses.
    Had been disappointed with an Amazon Kindle KJV w/0 TOC. Booooo…. frustrating. Yours is tops!

    Would be nice to have a place to “park” memory verses; the highlighted verses are nice, but hard to read in black

  3. Clarification – comments related to Kindle on my computer. Still learning to use my portable Kindle; think it will be OK w/memory verses. Thanks.

    1. @David M Miller- Thank you for the suggestion. However, at the time being I probably will not mess with it. I am surprised that a new e-reader would not read Greek in Unicode. Or maybe I am missing something?

  4. Thank you for the King James Bible for Kindle, Nook and others!!! That is great! Please contact me as I would like to make a request for another Bible.


    1. Byron, these files are to be used on e-readers like the Kindle, the Nook and others. They can be viewed from your laptop using, the Kindle e-reader for PC from Amazon or some other e-reader software for the PC. However, if you are going to use a laptop it would be much more advantages to us a Bible program. I suggest The Word as a good free bible program that is much more powerful than any e-book format, plus it has many languages, versions of the Bible and supplemental material.

    1. Sorry to hear that. Personally, I only have Kindles so I am not sure how well it works on other devices. I haven’t used it on a touch e-reader, so I would likewise not know. The arrow key on the Kindle can handle most of the navigation fairly well. Most e-readers are best designed for reading a book from cover to cover. Jumping around is where the difficulties enter.

  5. Thanks for the easy to use KJV! It has been a great blessing to me over this past year and hopefully for many more to come on the Kindle!

  6. Thank you so much for your efforts. I have downloaded many different Bibles only to discover that I cannot navigate from chapter to chapter as there are no links. I just got your ePub format for my browser, and it seems to work wonderfully well. Thank you so much, and God bless you!

  7. I downloaded the KJB in epub format for my Kobo. I have found it easy to nagivate through the books to the chapters with the TOC.

    The TOC goes as far as Philipians. There is no table of contents for the remaining books even though they are on the reader.

    As I am new to the ereaders is it something that I am doing that I am not finding the remaining books

  8. I have found in the Bible-KJV.epub it will not go to the first chapter of any book with a 1 or 2 in the title. Could you please address this problem and let me know?

    Thank You,

  9. In answer to James M. Scott’s question: “I have found in the Bible-KJV.epub it will not go to the first chapter of any book with a 1 or 2 in the title. Could you please address this problem and let me know?” I noticed that when an html file is converted to epub using the Calibre program any link names starting with a digit, such as 2 Chronicles or 1 Thessalonians 5 do not work in the epub file. I myself have solved this problem by getting into the html and changing 2 Chronicles to SecondChronicles, and 1 Thessalonians 5 to FirstThessalonians 5, for example, before using Calibre to convert it to epub format.

  10. In answer to post 22 from James M. Scott 12/10/12 which reads

    “I have found in the Bible-KJV.epub it will not go to the first chapter of any book with a 1 or 2 in the title. Could you please address this problem and let me know?”

    “The Epub version of KVJ has been updated due to a problem in TOC or the way some devices handle it. It has been fixed.”

    I verified this by clicking on the Bible-KJV.epub in the English section, opening it with the Adobe Digital Editions program, and clicking on the 17 books whose titles begin with a digit.

    Joel Nelson

  11. Just to let you know that the .epub versions of the parallel Russian-KJV and Ukrainian bibles have font errors – missing a few letters in Ukrainian (replaced by “?”) and there is no space between words, but space between letters in the cyrillic text, making it very difficult to read (l ? k e t h ? s i s v e r y d ? f f ? c u l t t o r e a d).

    So, neither displays properly on an ereader using .epub format, and all cyrillic text displays as ????? in Adobe Digital Editions (ADE). Btw, other cyrillic .epub Bibles display cyrillic fonts just fine in both the ereader and ADE (like this one:

    1. Thankyou for submitting your difficulty. Dealing with various fonts on a multitude of systems is very problematic. I’ve dealt with this for 20 years. The short of it is that I cannot possible format for all devices with different font sets. I use Unicode to encode the books which is the most comprehensive and forward moving system. Universal recognized and used. I understand some devices will not support it so there will always be difficulties with these. I just am not in a position to support all possibly devices. I mainly published for kindle and put epub up so that it could be used by others and seems to be usable for many. If it is not, I am sorry.

  12. Hey Man,

    Thanks so much for for this, God bless you for taking the time to put up this upload.
    quick comment, I am using a Kobo (.epub) and in the TOC the books after Philippians do not show up. if I scroll through the Bible I can see them, they are just not in the TOC. hopefully you can fix it.

    Best Regards,


    1. Thanks for finding the error and bringing it to my attention. I believe I have fixed the problem and the new epub format on the site should be fixed. Thomas

    1. To do these versions it is a little complicated and some work with bulk search replace scripts and such. But I might think of doing it some day. Just need to make sure I have one in the Public Domain.

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