Welcome. I am in the process of updating my site.  Google wants all sites to be readable on a phone, or the site will not show up favorable in search results.  It is a difficulty because my multi-language setup caused problems switching.  I am simplifying, but there will be some artifacts of other languages on pages, until I finish the work.  I will have a Russian side, but more or less a separate section, not as interlinked, but much simpler approach.  So if you see russian it is just a translation of the english you can read.  I hope to begin writing more for the site, but we will see.


Fake emails

I have received returned emails that have not been sent by me.  I do not have outgoing capabilities on those email addresses, so it couldn’t have been sent, even if I was hacked.  Basically, it is spoofed email. The sender pretends to send from one email address, when it is actually sent from a totally different address.  If you have received spam reporting to be from me, I am sorry.  However, there is nothing we can do about someone spoofing our email address.  The email spammers, wiki spammers, and comment spammers have no respect for others.  They are leaches that vandalize that which others create to scam unwitting people. Administrating websites means dealing with the problems these vandals cause.  I could rant some more, but it will do little good.  Just learn to assume something is spam unless it is clear that it is legit.  Even then it is better not to click, but to act independent of the email (type the proper url directly into your browser rather than clicking).  We do not send spam.  May your inbox be every free of spam.

Kindle Russian Bible and Greek NT

For all my e-reader Bibles go to my Bibles for e-readers page.

I have formated the   Russian Synodal Bible for Kindle with Cyrillic letters.   Parrallel I have formated the Greek NT WH with accent marks.   Both are laid out similar to my KJV format for Kindle.  They are saved in .mobi format so they may work on some other devices as well.   Let me know if you find these useful.

UPDATED: Navigation upgraded. ePub format made available. Go to here for the latest. If you are interested in these versions you would also be interested in the Bilingual versions of the Bible. There is also a multi-language Bible with KJV-RUS-URK-GRK.

NOTICE:  Works for Kindle 3. For Kindle 2, the kindle needs to be jail broken and the Unicode font hack applied, which can be found here .   I have successfully used this hack, but use it at your own risk.

Bible KJV in Kindle format for free

For all my e-reader Bibles go to my Bibles for e-readers page.

For myself and everyone else who might have got an Amazon Kindle for Christmas, here is the KJV formatted for the Kindle. There is a table of contents to jump to each book and a table for the chapters at the beginning of each book. I hope you find this useful.  Here is the link to download the Bible.  Just place it in your Documents folder on your Kindle. If you are interested in Greek, Russian, Ukrainian, Albanian, Epub, I have various combinations and formats you can find in Bilingual Parallel Bibles, Multi-language Bibles and Free ereader Bibles. UPDATED: Here is an updated version of the KJV. It has better navigation with Link to the beginning of a book and a link to a simplified Table of Contents at the beginning of each chapter. This I implemented due to my own personal difficulty of moving around the Bible. Thank you for all that commented.
UPDATED: Navigation upgraded. ePub format made available. Go to here for the latest. all my e-reader Bibles go to my Bibles for e-readers page.


About Believing Thomas

Hello, I am Thomas Fleming.  I am a Evangelical Christian.  Being named Thomas, it should come as no surprise that I would have an affinity to the disciple of Jesus called “Thomas”.  Often this disciple is referred to as “Doubting Thomas”.  Though he did doubt, it would be in error to attribute continual doubt to this apostle.  Instead from his lips, we have some of the greatest assertions of faith, “My Lord and my God!”  Thomas is no longer doubting but believing.  Thus, he is more aptly called “Believing Thomas”.  Thomas represents all those who want to know the truth and have an honest faith.