Multi-language linked Bibles

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I have already created Parallel Bibles with one language below the other.  What more would you need?  Parallel Bibles only works well with two versions. Also though nice to have both languages visible, sometimes it is distracting and preferable to have only one language visible.  The solution that works well for me is multiple languages in one eBook that links each verse to the verse in the other language(s).  For instance, in the KJV-RST-UKR-GRK in the New Testament each verse has directly before it three of the four letters (e,r,u,g), with the present translation absent.  Clicking on one of those letters will bring you to the same verse of the respective language.  For navigation use the left or right arrow key to jump to the beginning of a book and then click on the link to the table of contents which will get you to any part of that translation.  There is a little catch in going from the Greek NT to an OT passage since there is no OT Books.  The solution is to first change to the language in which you wish to read the OT and then go to the TOC.

In conclusion, the parallel Bibles are good for when you do not know one language very well and you are only dealing with two languages.  Otherwise, the multi-language linked Bibles will be my main texts to use.  I hope you find this helpful.  Let me know of any errors (broken links or chapters missing) and any suggestions for improvement.  I still haven’t heard from owners of Epub compatible ereaders as to whether the files work well or not.  I only have a kindle to test files and do know know how they are doing on other devices. Thanks, Thomas.Kindle Screenshot

English & Greek NT

English & Albanian

English, Albanian, & Greek New Testament

Enlish & Russian

English, Russian, Ukrainian & Greek NT

Free Bilingual eReader Bibles

For all my e-reader Bibles go to my Bibles for e-readers page.
Bilingual Bible Rus-KJV
What started as a little project of getting the Bible on the Kindle has grown a bit. Since I already have the files, scripts and process fresh in mind, I have decided to add bilingual versions. While I am at it in addition to the mobi format, I am making them available in ePUB for the Nook, Kobo, and Sony Reader.
Why bilingual? I know from personal experience that in a bilingual setting or trying to learn another language it is very difficult on the kindle to move from one version to another and back. For a Kindle, the files I have made are about as good of a solution as you can have. I am making these primarily for my own personal use, so I have placed the English verse below the verse of the other language. Well, you can try them out for yourself. If you need only one version you can check at my previous post.


Free Bibles for Kindle & Nook in multiple languages

For all my e-reader Bibles go to my Bibles for e-readers page.

For my own personal use, I have formated several Bibles for the Kindle and while I was at it converted them to the EPUB format for the Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo eReader, and others.  The texts of all these Bible are in the public domain.  Here are all the versions I have made, all available in one place.  The navigation has been updated and now is the same across all versions.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  I don’t own a Nook or any other EPUB device, so it would be good to know if all the versions work on the different devices.

Bible Version

Kindle – Mobi format

Nook – ePUB format

English Bible – KJV – Bible-KJV.epub
Russian Bible – RST Bibliia-RST.epub
Ukrainian Bible – Ogienko Bibliia-Ukrainian.epub
Albanian Bible – ALB Bibla-Albanian.epub
Greek NT – Wescott-Hort with accents GreekNT-WH.epub
Greek NT – Stephanus with accents GreekNT-Stephanus.epub

For bilingual Parallel Bibles for eReaders see my next post.

In addition to the Parallel Bibles I have formated Linked Bibles with multiple languages.  These are the latest and the ones I use the most.

I tried to convert the Hebrew Bible into Kindle, but it is not that simple due to the lack of support in the Kindle format. However, I did create an ePUB file that may work on some devices (It did show up in an on-screen reader). So if anyone wants to give it a try, let me know by leaving a comment. I will not put it up until it has been successfully tried out by different people on different devices.