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Hello, I am Thomas Fleming.  I am a Evangelical Christian.  Being named Thomas, it should come as no surprise that I would have an affinity to the disciple of Jesus called “Thomas”.  Often this disciple is referred to as “Doubting Thomas”.  Though he did doubt, it would be in error to attribute continual doubt to this apostle.  Instead from his lips, we have some of the greatest assertions of faith, “My Lord and my God!”  Thomas is no longer doubting but believing.  Thus, he is more aptly called “Believing Thomas”.  Thomas represents all those who want to know the truth and have an honest faith.

6 thoughts on “About Believing Thomas

  1. I teach part time an intro to statistics class at a Christian University. I frequently ask the question, “Which disciple had the most faith?”
    Never is Thomas given as the result.
    However, I then say the statistical provability is that Thomas is the disciple with the most faith.
    Why… He was singled out among disciples as the doubter by Jesus God himself. Then came the account you mention “My Lord and my God”. It is recorded only of him that he had such a revelation moment.He at that moment became the Disciple of complete Faith… thanks mom for naming me Thomas.

  2. Hello Thomas. The kjv bible for kindle was amazing. Can you help with resources and information that would me create a kindle version of my Church Hymnal? Will appteciate.

  3. Hello Thomas, Thanks so much for your ministry. I’ve been using the KJV on my iPad for almost a year and just downloaded another copy for my iPhone. These e-books work beautifully. You’ve done a wonderful job!

    1. Thanks, I was just wondering: what format do you use on your iPad and iPhone? In reality it would probably be better to use a Bible app for these devices.

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