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Bible KJV in Kindle format for free

For all my e-reader Bibles go to my Bibles for e-readers page.

For myself and everyone else who might have got an Amazon Kindle for Christmas, here is the KJV formatted for the Kindle. There is a table of contents to jump to each book and a table for the chapters at the beginning of each book. I hope you find this useful.  Here is the link to download the Bible.  Bible-KJV.mobi  Just place it in your Documents folder on your Kindle. If you are interested in Greek, Russian, Ukrainian, Albanian, Epub, I have various combinations and formats you can find in Bilingual Parallel Bibles, Multi-language Bibles and Free ereader Bibles. UPDATED: Here is an updated version of the KJV. It has better navigation with Link to the beginning of a book and a link to a simplified Table of Contents at the beginning of each chapter. This I implemented due to my own personal difficulty of moving around the Bible. Bible-KJV.mobi Thank you for all that commented.
UPDATED: Navigation upgraded. ePub format made available. Go to here for the latest.
http://believingthomas.org/ebook/free-ebook-bibles/For all my e-reader Bibles go to my Bibles for e-readers page.


30 thoughts on “Bible KJV in Kindle format for free

  1. Downloaded this electronic Bible. Very nice, simple and clean interface. The kind of app I prefer, as opposed to the cluttery, busy type. I view the Bible on my netbook using Amazon Kindle for PC app ( a free download as well put out by Amazon to help promote their ebooks, but can be used as a general viewer for purchased and “free” book downloads/apps viewable by Kindle). Thank you for this generous contribution to my eLibrary.

  2. Thanks and may the Lord bless you for making this available! After many years of study and inquiry, I know and appreciate the fact that the King James translation is the truest to the original tongues and is from the proper manuscripts. Thank God we have this enduring treasure and without copyrights!

    1. Thank you for your note. I am glad for all that can use it. The KJV is an excellent translation. The philosophy of translation was sound, something that can not be said about many modern day translations.
      There are two caveats that I would add. First, being a minister that has works with several foreign languages, I am keenly aware of the necessity of working in a modern language that is understandable to the common person. A translation is not just judged by its faithfulness to the original but also as to how well it is written and understandable in the receiving language. In fact without a proper end result it can not be said to be faithful to the original. In the English language I use the NKJV, which carries on the translation (and manuscript) tradition of the KJV in a modern language. The result is one of the most accurate translations.
      Second, it is crucial to always remember the limitations of a translation. The KJV is still a translation. A translation is incapable of carrying over all the nuances of meaning. I have known of people in other countries who carry around the KJV when in fact they are totally ignorant of the English language. This very easily can turn into a from of idolatry.

      Of course the fact that it is in the public domain is a blessing. Copyrighting a biblical translation is not a bad thing as long as the main purpose is to protect the text and recover money invested in the translation process. However, I have a suspicion that it is often more about big business than the Lord’s business.

  3. This is the first free version of the bible I have found with a table of contents. Thank you for publishing this version for Kindle.

  4. What a generous gesture, thank you very much. God bless you.

    “See you in the morning.”

    Your sister in Christ.

  5. What a generous gesture!! Thank you very much.

    May God bless you abundtantly.

    “See you in the morning.”

    1. On the Kindle e-readers, mp3 files only work well for background music. However, Audible has Bibles that work tolerably well on the Kindle.

  6. God bless you real good. This is the best kindle version of KJV I have ever downloaded. It afford me access to my Bible everywhere and everytime.

    1. Ronzo, I have never asked for a credit card. If you are being asked for a credit card number it may be your computer is under attack. You should not have to enter any data to obtain the Bibles on the page.

  7. Hey Thomas, what program did you use to compile the bible? If you wouldn’t mind, I want to use your file as a template to make a side by side KJV and Afrikaans (my home language) comparison bible. Thanks

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