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Kindle Russian Bible and Greek NT

For all my e-reader Bibles go to my Bibles for e-readers page.

I have formated the   Russian Synodal Bible for Kindle with Cyrillic letters.   Parrallel I have formated the Greek NT WH with accent marks.   Both are laid out similar to my KJV format for Kindle.  They are saved in .mobi format so they may work on some other devices as well.   Let me know if you find these useful.

UPDATED: Navigation upgraded. ePub format made available. Go to here for the latest.
http://believingthomas.org/ebook/free-ebook-bibles/ If you are interested in these versions you would also be interested in the Bilingual versions of the Bible. There is also a multi-language Bible with KJV-RUS-URK-GRK.

NOTICE:  Works for Kindle 3. For Kindle 2, the kindle needs to be jail broken and the Unicode font hack applied, which can be found here  http://blogkindle.com/unicode-fonts-hack/ .   I have successfully used this hack, but use it at your own risk.

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